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Monday, March 19, 2012

Let's Give President Obama The House & Senate

"If they're going to decide on women's reproductive issues, I'm not going to vote for any of them. Women's reproduction is our own business." -- Iowa voter, evangelical Christian, and former Mitt Romney supporter Mary Russell, quoted in the New York Times, March 10, 2012

Women like Mary Russell are going to make the difference in 2012. They're not just going to reelect President Obama; they're going to help us take back the House and keep our firewall in the Senate. 

The Republicans' attacks on women's health care are costing them votes.  Republicans aren't getting the message. They're pushing even more outrageous bills, like the one in Arizona that would require women to tell their boss that they need to be on the pill to treat a medical condition if they want it to be covered by their insurance. If they continue down this road, they're going to lose a lot of women supporters for a very long time.

A few days ago eight of Georgia's nine women senators summed up how most Americans feel about the GOP's "War on Women" by throwing up their hands in disgust and walking off the floor of the Senate chambers to protest GOP attempts to block insurance coverage for abortions and contraceptives.  No longer content with using legislation to shut down safe and accessible contraception, the GOP is now in the business of dictating private insurance policies — the next chess move in their efforts to turn this country into a theocracy.  Their strategy is to pander to a tiny group of religious extremist intent on imposing their will on the vast majority of Americans.  Will you sit back and submit to the tyranny of this minority?

But we can't be complacent! Republicans aren't going to do our job for us. They are giving us the ammunition we need to win, but all their attacks on women won't make a difference if women don't show up at the polls in November.

So let's fight, and let's win. Let's educate and mobilize women and make sure they vote for Democrats. Let's give our champions in the Senate the reinforcements they need -- and take back the House to give women the voice they deserve in Congress.

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