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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Things You Should Know About Democrats Who Oppose The Bush Tax Cut

President Obama's plan to let Bush-era tax cuts expire for wealthier Americans -- many of whom own small businesses that economists say are the No. 1 producer of new U.S. jobs -- is in jeopardy following the release of a letter signed by 31 House Democrats who are calling on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to extend them.

The letter warns Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer that "raising any taxes right now could negatively impact economic growth," adding "our economy is still recovering and decisive action needs to be taken to assist the recovery moving forward."

The 31 Democratic members of Congress who signed the letter are:

1.  Rep. Jason Altmire, D-Pa.

Altmire, a Blue Dog Democrat, is being challenged by Republican nominee Keith Rothfus.

On November 7, 2009, Altmire voted Nay on HR 3962, the Health Care Reform Bill.


2.  Rep. John Barrow, D-Ga.   

Barrow is a Blue Dog Democrat is not currently not up for re-election.

Rep. Melissa Bean, D- Ill. - representing Illinois's 8th congressional district. The district includes most of Chicago's northwestern suburbs, such as Hoffman Estates, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Gurnee, Palatine, Mundelein, Zion, Barrington, McHenry, and Woodstock.

Bean will face Republican Joe Walsh in the general election.  They say Walsh lied when he failed to disclose a home foreclosure in 2009 and he didn't submit a U.S. House financial statement after announcing his candidacy.

Official website:  http://bean.house.gov/  Phone: 202-225-3711

Rep. Sanford Bishop, D-Ga.   Official website: 
Phone: 202-225-3631

He is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus.   Arguably the most conservative African-American in Congress, Bishop is a member of the Blue Dog Democrats.  In September, 2010, the Associated Press reported that Bishop had, in 2003, directed scholarships funded by the Congressional Black Caucus to ineligible persons, including his stepdaughter, Aayesha Owens Reese and his niece Emmaundia J Whitaker.

Rep. Dan Boren, D-Okla.
Official website:  http://boren.house.gov/ Phone: 202-225-2701

Rep. Frederick (Rick) Boucher, D-Va.

Official website:  http://boucher.house.gov/   Phone: 202-225-3861



Rep. Allen Boyd  Democrat • 2nd District, Florida • 7th Term • Sworn In 1997

Official website:  http://boyd.house.gov/  Phone: 202-225-5235

Congressman Boyd is a leader of the Blue Dog Coalition.

Rep. Travis Childers Democrat • 1st District, Mississippi • 2nd Term • Sworn In 2008

 Official website:  http://childers.house.gov/    Phone: 202-225-4306


Rep. Jim Cooper Democrat • 5th District, Tennessee • 10th Term • Sworn In 1983

Official website:  http://cooper.house.gov/  Phone: 202-225-4311

Rep. Jim Costa  Democrat • 20th District, California • 3rd Term • Sworn In 2005

 Official website:  http://www.costa.house.gov/  Phone: 202-225-3341

Rep. Lincoln Davis  Democrat • 4th District, Tennessee • 4th Term • Sworn In 2003
Official website:  http://www.house.gov/lincolndavis/ 
Phone: 202-225-6831

Rep. Joe Donnelly  Democrat • 2nd District, Indiana • 2nd Term • Sworn In 2007
Official website:  http://donnelly.house.gov/  Phone: 202-225-3915

 Rep. Brad Ellsworth  Democrat • 8th District, Indiana • 2nd Term • Sworn In 2007

Official website:  http://ellsworth.house.gov/ 
Phone: 202-225-4636

Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin  Democrat • South Dakota • 4th Term • Sworn In 2004

Official website:  http://hersethsandlin.house.gov/  Phone: 202-225-2801

She is the youngest female member of the House, and the first woman elected to the House of Representatives from South Dakota. She won the at-large seat in a special election on June 1, 2004.

Herseth Sandlin is a member of the Blue Dog Coalition and the "30 Something" Working Group.

Rep. James Himes  Democrat • 4th District, Connecticut • 1st Term • Sworn In 2009

Official website:  http://himes.house.gov/  Phone: 202-225-5541

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick  Democrat • 1st District, Arizona • 1st Term • Sworn In 2009

Official website:  http://kirkpatrick.house.gov/  Phone: 202-225-2315

Rep. Ron Klein  Democrat • 22nd District, Florida • 2nd Term • Sworn In 2007

Official website:  http://klein.house.gov/  Phone: 202-225-3026

Rep. Frank Kratovil, D-Md.

Rep. Jim Marshall, D-Ga.

Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah
Rep. Mike McIntyre, D-N.C.

Rep. Michael McMahon, D-N.Y.

Rep. Walt Minnick, D-Ind.

Rep. Harry Mitchell, D-Idaho.

Rep. Glenn Nye, D-Va.

Rep. Gary Peters, D-Mich.

Rep. Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D.

Rep. Mike Ross, D-Ark.

Rep. John Salazar, D-Colo.

Rep. Zack Space, D-Ohio

Rep. Harry Teague, D-N.M.

A Republican Senator from South Carolina, Jim DeMint authored and article titled "Washinton can hear you now."  Senator DeMint snarls at the idea that a candidate needs to be electable.  Republicans have a slate of candidates who believe in free-enterprise economics, limited government, and individual liberty.  DeMint said we will balance the budget, repeal the unconstitutional health-care takeover, create a predictable tax and regulatory environment in which businesses can create jobs, and restore a sense of fairness to the economy.  He did not point out how he was going to do this.  Instead he rallies the Tea Party, "I knew in my heart that the Republican Party could save this country if it could recruit more members to stand up for the priciples of freedom.  DeMint gave the Tea Party their talking points; out of control government spending, creating entitlement programs, and taking over car companies, mortgage companies, the health-care system and financial reform .   Now, how are these principles going to help the economy?  Based on past exhibits, Republicans have no plan.

DeMint further states that after Barack Obama was elected president, Washington's economic policies went from bad to worse, and none of his so-called legislative achievements (health care and financial reform) lives up to its label.  In a short time, the Obama White House and Pelosi-Reid Congress have made clear that they intend to push America to the left of Europe. In other words, all of the economists are wrong.  Other than being slanderous and attacking, DeMint has created campaign slogans and sound bites that have no validity.

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