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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Obama Will Win - Vote Early!

Early voting is not a luxury only afforded to the senior citizens and disabled.  Avoiding an hour or more long lines during the General Election is an adequate reason to Vote Early.  Every State may have a different rule.  For example, Ohio allows you to Vote Early for 35 days.

Sure, you may have participated in the Final Sunday Voting Church Event in the past.  Every since President Obama became President, Republicans have worked to change those voting tactics.  Don’t let that deter you from voting.

The convenience of voting in your own home and not paying postage to return your ballot to the Board of Election cannot be ignored.  Just imagine, you tell the Board of Election that you want to vote early.  The Board of Election then sends you an official ballot.  You vote.  Put the ballot in a postage paid envelope and mail it.  Voila, you’re done.

Federal laws prohibit anyone from tampering with the mail.  The mailman delivers your mail thru rain, snow, and gloom of night.  A ballot in an enclosed envelope does not give away information on who you voted for.  The Board of Election does not know if you’ve voted for a Democrat or a Republican and their integrity has to be trusted here.  If you don’t feel comfortable mailing in your ballot, you can always waste your time and gas by driving to the Board of Election and personally handing to an employee.  I say, however, keep it simple and use the self addressed postage paid envelope and mail the ballot to the Board of Election.

Rachel Maddow’s show points out the clear advantages for our President if you vote early.  Please register and then vote since you may live in a critical Swing State where every vote is needed.  Click on Rachel Maddow’s name and see her August 16, 2012 report. 

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