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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Let's Re-Elect President Obama

If – Barack Obama were somehow able to cure hunger in the world, the Republicans would blame him for overpopulation. Barack Obama could somehow bring about world peace, and they’d blame him for destroying the defense industry. Barack Obama has a BLT for lunch they will try to ban bacon. ~ Alan Grayson

Can you name a single accomplishment by a Republican President or Congressman in the last decade?  Republicans don't know how to fix the economy.  Their ideas will make matters worse. For example, George Bush’s policies deregulated Wall Street and caused a near depression. 

For the past three years, Republicans have obstructed and worked to divide our country. You put your ideology, politics, and animosity for our president above love of country and its people.  You have no answers on more important issues like the right to good affordable health care, the economy, runaway banks, jobs, income inequality and poverty.  You’re likely to offer more trickledown economics and more bigoted laws that disenfranchise gays, blacks, and immigrants. Medicare, Social Security, and Education are at risk of becoming extinct under Republican leadership.

This group of radical Republicans have waged a “War on Women” pushing for a ban on contraception and in vitro fertilization, and would literally put a woman and her doctor behind bars if they didn't comply. They would ban abortions even when a woman faces certain death without one.  Children are the aftermath of birth.  The Supreme Court has upheld Roe v Wade.  Your semen and your spouse’s eggs are not children.    Keep Abortion Safe, Legal, and Accessible!   It's not a stretch to think that desperation wouldn't push these candidates further to the right than they are now.

"He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money." ~ Ben Franklin   Romney is no business man.  He is "Gordon Gekko" - the symbol for unrestrained greed.   Romney favors income inequality but will only discuss this philosophy in a “quiet room.”    Romney has endorsed exactly the kind of upper-income tax cuts that past nominees have championed.  Romney's tax plan will add 600 billion dollars to the deficit.
Republicans are on the wrong side of history and they pandering to the lowest common denominator to get votes. 

If you really want Change, give us a Congress WITHOUT the goal of making the President fail.

Republicans want to destroy this country and I will do everything in my power to re-elect you Mr. President.  Obama 2012!  Americans of all stripes will make their voices heard at the ballot box and soundly reject Republicans for all that you've become. With President Obama leading the charge, we as a country are moving forward!

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  1. Why can't we reelect President Obama and have a True Leader in the White House, and get rid of the Republican Congress that blocks everything. remember when he was President. They did everything to try to defeat, Can you image if President Obama had Support?