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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Loose Lips Might Sink Ships - I Am The 47%

As Forest Gump would say "Stupid Is As Stupid Does."  That's Mitt Romney's story.  Every time he opens his mouth, something dumb and stupid falls out of it.  This collection of facebook posters allows me to tell this story.  The 47% found their voice and tells Mitt Romney that they are not moochers and they will not be voting for him on Election Day.

The firestorm over Romney's remarks has already hurt his standing in swing states.

“I am one of 47%, even though I pay income taxes,” said Michael, a 27-year-old sandwich shop manager in Indianapolis. “I don’t make $100,000 to $250,000 a year that he thinks is middle class. I feel like Romney is so far disconnected from what the average American actually is. It’s like he doesn’t care.”
Michael, who is married to a dog groomer and has a 1-year-old, said he typically votes Republican but can’t get past what he viewed as Romney’s contempt for half the population.
“He was in this room with all these other fat cats just like him and you heard all this snarky laughter from all these guys who have no idea what it’s like to spend 50 or 60 hours a week on your feet, working with your hands, trying to get ahead.
“I don’t want the presidential candidates to be average Americans,” he concluded, “but I at least want them to understand what exactly … I am going through so they don’t look like a ... in front of everyone.” Michael used a word to describe Romney we don’t publish at The Times.

Mitt Romney's '47%' comment alienated voters

Samuel L Jackson says: "Wake the F*** Up!"

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