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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mitt Romney - The History of Romneyhood

A special thanks to all of my friends here on Facebook who spend countless hours making posters.  Your pictures are worth a thousand words.  I hope this video does your work justice.  As activists, we have been telling the Romneyhood story in bits and pieces.    Now, look at that story unfold.     

Mitt Romney Movie 0001 from Jo Ann Brown on Vimeo.

Romney promised he would take a hard line against China over its currency manipulation. He said his response to the United States' losing its share of manufacturing jobs to other countries would be to adopt policies favorable to both manufacturing and as well as engineering and development.
"Some people say, that's fine, we'll just do the engineering and the high end things," Romney said. "But let me tell you, ultimately the engineering and high end things go where the manufacturing is because ideas and engineering are associated with manufacturing. We have to have manufacturing here and my policy will be to bring it back."


  1. Mitt Romney is Robin Wood UPSIDE DOWN, He ROBBED from the POOR and gives to the RICH....

  2. Wesley, you are sooooo right about that.

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    1. I hope that you will friend me on Facebook and discuss why this is on the wrong page.

  4. Very Good Jo Ann! You had me at please WATCH! OBAMA 2012

    1. Thanks. I hope that I did the posters justice.

  5. The Universal Movement of Consciousness doens't support ofensive critics but suppor Obama campanign in all due he be the right man to white House and I say Obama for USA and worldwide.

    Universal Movement of Consciousness
    by Edson Udson (all rights reserved)

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  6. I wish that we could get the USA out of the war business. We must convince Obama that the time to stop any offensive in Afghanistan is NOW! Drones are creepy and kill children.