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Sunday, February 28, 2010

New 'Coffee Party' suddenly hot

MISSION: The Coffee Party Movement gives voice to Americans who want to see cooperation in government. We recognize that the federal government is not the enemy of the people, but the expression of our collective will, and that we must participate in the democratic process in order to address the challenges that we face as Americans. As voters and grassroots volunteers, we will support leaders who work toward positive solutions, and hold accountable those who obstruct them.

No corporate sponsors, No paid speakers! I would encourage coffee meetups to be held at local independent coffee shops and restaurants, homes, or public spaces. Avoid national/international chains (Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, etc...), lets be true to an independent grassroots identity!

The group is growing fast, however painful that is. Annabel Park, the documentary filmmaker who dreamed this thing up, tells the Washington Post she's been flat-out on the volunteer project: "We have to relearn how to talk to each other, to deliberate. It's also about regaining confidence that we can come together, that we can come to the middle and agree on things."

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